How to Shop

Are you new to The Yarn Addict Co? Read on to learn how to shop our yarn!


We periodically offer collections of new colorways via preorders. Preorders can be composed of anywhere from 6-24 colorways and typically have an equal number of tonal and variegated colorways.

    Our preorders usually launch 8pm EST and stay open for 48 hours, or until we've reached our dyeing capacity. During preorder launches, we use Instagram to communicate changes to the collection, so please follow us over there @theyarnaddictco if you haven't already! We post on our stories and feed when the collections launch and close, as well as other pertinent base and colorway information. We always share every collection colorway and colorway combinations on Instagram in the weeks leading up the preorder launch.

    We will always give you a warning before we close the preorder, so take your time shopping! If you prefer to plan your order ahead of time, please visit the Our Bases page on our website to learn more about the different bases we offer. If we ever have a limited-quantity product and you want to place multiple orders, we will happily combine orders and refund shipping overages that exceed $5. 

    We start dyeing the preorders after the collection has closed, and we typically dye one colorway at a time. We also ship orders on a rolling basis, so orders with one or two colorways often ship faster than orders with multiple colorways. Due to this process, we are not able to prioritize orders by request but we will make sure you receive your order within the promised window so we appreciate your patience and understanding.

    In-Stock Yarn

    Important note: If you order in-stock yarn and preorder yarn together, your order will not ship until your preorder yarn is ready. If you would like to receive your in-stock yarn sooner, please place separate orders. 

    OOAK Skeins

    Since the hand-dyeing process is very experimental, we often have leftover skeins from the process of developing each collection. We call these 'OOAK (One of A Kind) Skeins.' These are skeins that are beautiful but didn't make the cut for a collection. Because they're experimental, we often only have a few skeins in a particular base available, and we are not able to replicate OOAK colorways to make larger quantities available. We add OOAK skeins to the shop on a rolling basis, but we always post on Instagram when we have added new skeins to the shop. All OOAK skeins ship within 3-4 business days after we receive the order.

    Sample Skeins

    We typically dye our preorder collections on all of our bases to display how each colorway will look on that yarn weight and fiber content. When we don't sell all of the bases we dyed as samples we list those leftover skeins under our 'Sample Skeins' collection. We rarely have more than one or two Sample Skeins available in any given base since these are leftover skeins, but those colorways are repeatable and may return in a future preorder. 

    Custom Sweater Quantities

    After a collection preorder closes, the collection colorways join our Custom Sweater Quantities listings. Custom Sweater Quantities have an order minimum of 3 skeins and may be ordered on any of our currently active bases. Custom Sweater Quantities ship within 2-3 weeks after we receive the order.

    Yarn Club

    We also run a monthly yarn club inspired by nature photography; called the Nature in Macro Club. We are not accepting new subscriptions at the moment, but we do open a limited number of spots each month for anyone who wants to preorder that month's colorway. Here's the general schedule for the yarn club, using February as an example:

    January 27: We share the inspiration for February's colorway on our Instagram feed, and we also share a countdown to the preorder in our stories.

    February 1: Subscribers are charged for their monthly order

    February 2: The preorder for February's colorway opens at 8pm EST.

    February 15: All yarn club orders (subscription and preorder) begin shipping.

    February 27: We share the inspiration for March's colorway on our Instagram feed.

    The colorway is kept secret to both subscribers and preorder customers until they receive their skeins. We also plan to have a preorder for all club colorways next January, after the yarn club is over.